SKAction Not Running in iOS 11 / Xcode 9

In Xcode I use SKReferenceNodes to save create the same objects over and over. This has worked great until Xcode 9. After upgrading, sprites in my reference files that had an action attached – either in the scene editor or in a corresponding class would not run their actions. I thought I had gone crazy, […]

Regrant Failed

Classic Apple Rainbow Logo

Recently I had to restore my iPhone. I made sure my iCloud backup was up to date, reset the phone and allowed it to restore from the backup.

Subclassing UIButton in Swift Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to add more functionality to UIButtons by subclassing. It demonstrates the use of enumerations to make each button a different type and extensions to give the subclassed UIButton more functionality. In this tutorial we will create a very basic interface which consists mostly of a grid of UIButton’s. However, our […]

Simple Slider Tutorial Using Swift

This tutorial shows you how to make a simple but effective slider view for iOS. Although there are a lot of steps here, the actual project is really easy to understand and you can download the completed project if you wish. This tutorial uses Swift and focuses on just getting the slider on the screen […]

Adaptive UITableView Cells

This tutorial will show you the method I use to make an UITableViewCell with an adaptive height. The article assumes you have a little experience with adaptive layout, Swift and custom classes. Here’s the process I use. You can also download a copy of the project which contains the example used here as well as […]