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Regrant Failed

Published on: 5 Oct 2016

Recently I had to restore my iPhone.

I made sure my iCloud backup was up to date, reset the phone and allowed it to restore from the backup.

regrant_failedThis went really well and after a while, my phone was restored with everything pretty much as I had left it. With a few extra gigabytes of storage (the reason for wiping it!).

However, when I tried to download my previous purchases in Garageband, I received a “Regrant Failed” error.

The solution was simple. I have a separate accounts for iCloud and the App Store. When the phone restored, iOS had used my iCloud account as my iTunes & App Store account.

The answer was to go to Settings, iTunes & App Store then sign out of the account and sign back in with the correct account.

After that, Garageband downloaded its purchases without problem.