Privacy Policy

This privacy policy details how your data, personal information, usage behaviour and tracking are handled and stored.

User Data does not request or store any personal information about you, your email address, your location, or the device you are using to access the website.


There is no facility to create an account on this website, therefore no details about you are requested or stored.

Contacting Lunapip 

App support is provided through email. Contact is initiated on this website using the contact form provided. When you start a request for support, your name and email address is required for communication.

The website does not store your name or email address. Your name, email address and messages are kept on the mail server for a period of three months from the last date of communication, at which point the entire email conversation is deleted.

Your name and email address are not retained, transferred or sold to any third party.


This site displays advertising through Google Adsense. If you are in the EEA you will be served non-personalised ads.

Non-personalized ads are ads that are not based on a user’s past behavior. They are targeted using contextual information, including coarse (such as city-level) geo-targeting based on current location, and content on the current site or app or current query terms.

However, cookies will still be set for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse.


Lunapip uses anonymous usage tracking of the website provided by Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics service will set non-personalised cookies to track how the website is used.