Creating App Store Preview Videos for iPhone & iPad in various resolutions - for free.

Creating an app preview video for 5.5 inch iPhones is easy with iMovie. For other screen sizes – not so. Read on to discover an alternative.

SKAction Not Running in iOS 11 / Xcode 9

In Xcode I use SKReferenceNodes to save create the same objects over and over. This has worked great until Xcode 9. After upgrading, sprites in my reference files that had an action attached – either in the scene editor or in a corresponding class would not run their actions. I Continue Reading

Apple Launches Search Ads For The AppStore

Apple has launched its paid advertising service for the AppStore. Search Ads allows developers to promote their apps on the AppStore using a pay per tap model. Ads appear at the top of AppStore listings. Developers can select their maximum budget, daily spend the price they are willing to pay Continue Reading