Apple Leaders Memoji

Apple replaced the executive portraits on the leadership page with their Memoji versions for World Emoji Day¬†😁

New App: Bimble Bumble Reward Chart

I am excited to announce the release of my latest children’s app – Bimble Bumble Reward Chart. An interactive reward chart providing fun, interactive sticker scenes that children will love.

Quick Mac Tip: Create an email reminder from Apple Mail.

Here’s a quick tip. If you want to set a reminder to take some action on an email just follow these steps: Open the Reminders app on your Mac. Select the email from Apple Mail and drag it over to Reminders. Then you can set a date and a time...

SKAction Not Running in iOS 11 / Xcode 9

In Xcode I use SKReferenceNodes to save create the same objects over and over. This has worked great until Xcode 9. After upgrading, sprites in my reference files that had an action attached – either in the scene editor or in a corresponding class would not run their actions. I...