Regrant Failed

Classic Apple Rainbow Logo

Recently I had to restore my iPhone. I made sure my iCloud backup was up to date, reset the phone and allowed it to restore from the backup.

Bendable Batteries 🔋

Coming to a future near you – flexible batteries. Panasonic has announced the prototype of their new flexible battery. Although at present the battery only provides a tiny amount of power, future versions will enable all sorts of new tech including flexible screens and wearables. Watch the video about these new flexible, twistable batteries at […]

YoloH1 - Version 1.2.1


Out now, Yolo H1 – version 1.2.1. Fixes a bug that would cause some images to not display correctly. Download YoloH1 free from the AppStore.

🕯 Experience That "New Mac Smell" All Day, Every Day! 🖥


It’s hard to describe, lasts only for a short time, pleasurable to the nose, and comes with a steep price tag. It’s the “New Mac Smell”. Not everyone gets it. But for those that do the “New Mac Smell” is one of life’s pleasures. Now you can experience it over and over with the New Mac […]