Bye Bye Macintosh Startup Chime

Alexander Schaelss

You turn on your Mac, you hear the chime. That’s the way it always has been, that’s the way it will always be. Not so fast! Apple has removed the startup sound from the new MacBook Pro. The startup sound tells you that your Mac has performed a diagnostic check and everything is fine and […]

Windows 93

Experience Windows 93!! Why not? Complete with hampsters šŸ™‚

Apple Leaks Image Of Upcoming MacBook Pro

Classic Apple Rainbow Logo

A MacRumors reader has discovered images of the new MacBook Pro hidden in the latest update to macOS Sierra (10.12.1) The image confirms the new laptop will featured the rumoured “Magic Toolbar”. An OLED touch screen that can display different information and keys depending on the app currently being used. The new MacBook is expected […]

iMessage For Android

John Gruber’s thoughts on why Apple should release iMessage for Android, and the little birds hinting that it may already be a work in progress. On iMessageā€™s Stickiness

Customer Photos Shared In Australian Apple Store

Some staff from an Apple Store in Brisbane, Australia have been fired after a colleague noticed that photos of female customers were being shared from iPhones in for repair. The staff in question were reported to have also shared photos taken in store Ā of female colleagues and customers with the aim of ranking their bodies […]

Regrant Failed

Classic Apple Rainbow Logo

Recently I had to restore my iPhone. I made sure my iCloud backup was up to date, reset the phone and allowed it to restore from the backup.

Bendable Batteries 🔋

Coming to a future near you – flexible batteries. Panasonic has announced the prototype of their new flexible battery. Although at present the battery only provides a tiny amount of power, future versions will enable all sorts of new tech including flexible screens and wearables. Watch the video about these new flexible, twistable batteries at […]

YoloH1 - Version 1.2.1


Out now, Yolo H1 – version 1.2.1. Fixes a bug that would cause some images to not display correctly. Download YoloH1 free from theĀ AppStore.

🕯 Experience That "New Mac Smell" All Day, Every Day! 🖥


It’s hard to describe, lasts only for a short time, pleasurable to the nose, and comes with a steep price tag. It’s the “New Mac Smell”. Not everyone gets it. But for those that do the “New Mac Smell” is one of life’s pleasures. Now you can experience itĀ over and over with the New Mac […]

Swift 3 Access Levels

Swift 3 now provides five access levels for code entities. The five levels are shown below from least to most restrictive. OPEN Open access allows entities to be accessed from any source code within your module and also external modules. PUBLIC The same as open but restricts subclassing to your module. INTERNAL This is the […]