Lunapip Launches Reward Board 3

Published on: 25 Jul 2013

Last updated on: 29 Sep 2016

Combines children’s fascination with gadgets and love of rewards to create the perfect reward app.



Birmingham, UK – 31 July 2013

Kids love gadgets, they also love rewards – combine those together and you get “Reward Board” – the best interactive kids reward app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Reward Board, formerly Kids Reward Chart, is a 21st century take on the traditional reward chart. A fun, interactive way to help children develop good behavior and habits.

These are some of the benefits that Reward Board provides…

  • Encourages good behavior
  • Encourages children to complete tasks such as finishing schoolwork
  • Encourage children to participate with household chores like keeping bedrooms tidy!
  • Gives children goals to work towards
  • Encourages decision making – children decide whether to spend their points now or save for better rewards!
  • Provides a sense of achievement – Children can see their progress on the colorful reward board. Each child gets their own row on the board so they can see who has the most achievements so far!


How Does Reward Board Work?

Children complete tasks that parents assign to the app. Parents can have any number of tasks each worth from 1 to 5 points.

Parents also setup any number of rewards and specify how many points a child needs to claim the reward.

As each child completes tasks they are awarded points. Children can use their points to claim a reward or keep saving for a better reward.

The app keeps a log of events so the parent can easily see when tasks were completed or rewards claimed.

Reward Board is a great tool for the modern family.



Reward Board requires iOS 6.1 or better for the following devices:

iPhone 3GS (iPhone 4 or better recommended)

iPod Touch 4th Generation or better

iPad 2 (iPad 3 or better recommended)

iPad Mini


Reward Board is available worldwide in the App Store.

Pricing: $0.99 (£0.69 UK).

App Store URL:

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