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Published on: 22 Jul 2011

Last updated on: 29 Sep 2016

Here’s the press release for my Kids Reward Chart iPhone app. Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.


Kids Reward Chart Promotes Good Behaviour And Sibling Cooperation

July 25, 2011

Reward charts, also known as star charts or chore charts are acknowledged by parenting experts as one of the best ways to good behavior in children.

Kids Reward Chart for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a modern version of the traditional reward chart ideally suited to children whose formative years are well and truly set in the digital age.

Parents specify a reward together with a target number of points which the children must reach to achieve their reward. Any number of tasks can be added and each task when completed, brings the child or children closer to their reward.

The app can be customized with the details of each child. Furthermore, the app modifies its response to the children, for example, if there is one child named Harry, the app will congratulate Harry by name when he completes a task. Children also get an audible cheer when a task is completed.

Fun-looking stars appear on the home screen to represent the children’s progress towards their reward. In addition children will also be able to see on the home screen how many points they need to collect to reach their reward.

Kids Reward Chart is equally suited to a single child or several children. Parents can help encourage sibling cooperation when more than one child works towards the same goal.

Some examples of tasks suitable for children could be:

  • Completing school homework
  • Eating their fruit and vegetables
  • Helping with appropriate chores around the home
  • Helping to encourage an active lifestyle such as playing outside or walk the family dog
  • Encourage children to go to bed on time

Each family is different, however some examples of rewards could be:

  • Earning pocket-money or allowance
  • Going to the movies
  • Sleep over at friends
  • Days out
  • Watching the local football team
  • Trip to park
  • Day out at the zoo

Kids Reward Chart is available worldwide in the App Store.

Pricing: $0.99 (£0.69 UK).

App Store URL:

Requires: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

iOS: 4.3


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