Dwarf Star Home To Seven Earth-Sized Planets


Astronomers have discovered seven earth-sized planets orbiting a single star, Trappist 1. Three of the planets are within the habitable zone and scientists think the properties of the atmospheres could be discovered using powerful telescopes due the the dimness of the star. Nasa VR – On the surface of TRAPPIST-1d   Read more at NASA.

Black Holes Die


Black holes in space suck in anything that gets too close, squishing the unfortunate object to the size of a sugar cube. The black hole will grow and grow until everything in the universe is sucked into one almighty sized matter consuming monster. Wrong! Black holes actually die. It takes a long time, but they do […]

It's Life Jim... Jupiter Moon May Have Life 👽

Well, microbial life, but it’s still life as we know it. Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons seems to be ejecting 100 mile high plumes of water out into space. The water probably comes from a giant ocean hidden beneath thick ice. NASA recently spotted the plumes using the Hubble space telescope and may be able […]

Are We There Yet? - We're Going To Mars Real Soon 🚀

SpaceX boss Elon Musk has outlined his plans to to take humankind into the final frontier – starting with the colonisation of Mars. Using giant rockets, massive habitation modules and orbiting platforms, Elon annouced that manned missions to the red planet could start as early as 2022. There’s still the small issue of funding the […]

Gay Pride Flag Launched Into Space

The Planting Peace organisation has launched the Pride flag over 21 miles and into space to promote peace. In launching the flag, Planting Peace declared space to be LGBTQ friendly. Thought: Hatred and bigotry on Earth should not be exported to space in the 21st century.

Wormhole #funny


Milky Way 1 - Hercules 0


Space is a dangerous place, even for big old galaxies. Hercules, one of many galaxies that orbit our own, has found that out after encroaching into the Milky Way’s backyard about half a billion years ago. The dwarf galaxy is now being torn apart by its larger neighbour and its stars are now being absorbed into […]