Apple Powers Up Battersea

Alberto Pascual

Apple is to create a new campus in London’s iconic, but abandoned Battersea Power Station. The new offices are expected to open in 2021 and will accommodate around 1,400 workers currently situated at several locations around London.  

Are We There Yet? - We're Going To Mars Real Soon 🚀

SpaceX boss Elon Musk has outlined his plans to to take humankind into the final frontier – starting with the colonisation of Mars. Using giant rockets, massive habitation modules and orbiting platforms, Elon annouced that manned missions to the red planet could start as early as 2022. There’s still the small issue of funding the […]

Gay Pride Flag Launched Into Space

The Planting Peace organisation has launched the Pride flag over 21 miles and into space to promote peace. In launching the flag, Planting Peace declared space to be LGBTQ friendly. Thought: Hatred and bigotry on Earth should not be exported to space in the 21st century.

It's Life Jim... Jupiter Moon May Have Life 👽

Well, microbial life, but it’s still life as we know it. Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons seems to be ejecting 100 mile high plumes of water out into space. The water probably comes from a giant ocean hidden beneath thick ice. NASA recently spotted the plumes using the Hubble space telescope and may be able […]

Apple Launches Search Ads For The AppStore

Apple has launched its paid advertising service for the AppStore. Search Ads allows developers to promote their apps on the AppStore using a pay per tap model. Ads appear at the top of AppStore listings. Developers can select their maximum budget, daily spend the price they are willing to pay for a tap on the […]

iOS 10 Now Installed On Almost 45% Of Devices

Classic Apple Rainbow Logo

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 10 is now installed on almost 45% of devices according to MixPanel. It’s taken just over two weeks for the latest version to surpass iOS 9 installations. The adoption rate of iOS 10 is slightly less than iOS 9 at the same time, however it’s still impressive.

Wormhole #funny  

Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Yeah, a bird in a toilet paper tube. Just Rolling Around #funny #parakeet #birds #pets #LOLBook — LOLBOOK (@LOLBOOKcom) September 28, 2016

Obscene Gestures From Around The World

Planning a trip overseas? This could be useful… For all you travelers out there, here is an international guide to rude gestures — Giles Paley-Phillips (@eliistender10) September 28, 2016  

Milky Way 1 - Hercules 0


Space is a dangerous place, even for big old galaxies. Hercules, one of many galaxies that orbit our own, has found that out after encroaching into the Milky Way’s backyard about half a billion years ago. The dwarf galaxy is now being torn apart by its larger neighbour and its stars are now being absorbed into […]